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If you suspect a natural gas leak, evacuate the area immediately and from a safe location call us at: 1-800-427-2200 For additional information, see How to Recognize and Respond to a Natural Gas Leak.

country understand that money can be tight in this economy.

All we did was send in the supporting documentation (which in our case was the Medicaid approval letter).

In her case, the only information required was for me to take a picture of her Medicaid approval, send that to Assurance Wireless and Mom had her phone shortly thereafter.

Archaeological evidence gathered from Ohlone graves at the Elmwood Correctional Facility in 1993 revealed a rich trade with other tribes from Sacramento to Monterey.

During the Spanish expeditions of the late 18th century, several missions were founded in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And because I have utilized these service to help my mother, I will also give you my personal experience with getting a free government cell phone for Mom.

There are a few important points I need to make talking about these options.

However, please note that currently Assurance Wireless is not available in all 50 states, although the number of states grows all the time. However, if you feel you need more minutes, there are two other options where you can choose to add minutes.

As far as the benefits you will receive with the Assurance Wireless program, you will receive… For an additional 250 minutes monthly, for a total of 500 minutes, you will pay a month.

For an additional 750 minutes monthly, for a total of 1,000 minutes 1,000 texts, you will pay a month.

In the 1850s, large numbers of Americans of English, German, and Irish descent arrived to farm the fertile lands of Milpitas.

The Burnett, Rose, Dempsey, Jacklin, Trimble, Ayer, Parks, Wool, Weller, Minnis, and Evans are among the early settlers of Milpitas.

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