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who lives by the motto that "there are plenty of other fish in the sea" and prefer a site that let's you explore your options to the fullest, look no further than

With over 7.9 million users there's a great chance that you can find someone who peaks your interest.

Plus who is going to admittedly label themselves “In Training” if they aren’t happy with their bodies? You can filter your matches by gender, distance, and age. Like, SORRY, but who let the middle schooler into the club?

And on an even more obvious note, why should this even matter?! You can also “filter by roots,” meaning you can choose to avoid matches from countries that you turn off. I understand that some countries might be a little salty towards other countries, but isn’t completely ruling out partners from those countries a little extreme? I know people lie on Facebook all the time, but this app should really be more aware of who is using their technology, considering how easy it is for kids to get taken advantage of.

If I lived in a different state, perhaps my experience would’ve been different.If you’re looking for a hottie to get busy with, that’s totally fine. In fact, this app is the perfect place to find someone to hook up with because if you’re picky about what people’s bodies look like, you have all their stats right in front of you. I don’t understand why an app that’s designed “for Latinos, by Latinos,” could perpetuate such prejudice. This profile belonged to a little boy who, based on his photo, couldn’t have been older than 12. After playing with the app for a few minutes, I was locked out of swiping because I had “reached my daily crushes limit.” They prompted me to “Go VIP” to get unlimited crushes, which annoyed me, but whatever.The only reason why I can imagine anyone would want to turn off matches from specific countries is because they have something against the people from that country, which is already silly enough as it is. I also got a ton of ad pop-ups, three on average every 10 minutes or so.Similar to Tinder and Bumble, you connect to Mi Crush through Facebook.You can upload pictures from Facebook or Instagram, show your Insta profile, and select what information displays on your profile.

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